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Contestant for Miss Punjaban USA

Contestant No. 1


Name: Manpreet Toor


Hobbies: : I love dancing, I enjoy spending time with my family, Holidays are my favorite, and I also love to learn new things.

About me

 I was born in Ipoh, Malaysia and moved to the states in 1991. I grew up with my Dadi Ji (grandmother) always around to teach me about our roots in India. I always fancied our traditions and our culture. As I matured, I grew a passion for Bhangra (folk dance of Punjab), and decided that I wanted to teach others who weren't able to gain the access I had to this part of our culture. As I went through the journey of becoming a dance instructor, I learned that a lot of kids weren't in touch with their Indian roots. From there on, I set forth a goal to teach everyone I could reach out to, not only Bhangra but also the language, Punjabi. I made sure that my students knew the meanings behind the songs along with the meanings of each word. I love to give back to my peers and I feel that every time I teach dance, I am doing so. I know education is a big deal especially in this time and day. I am working towards becoming a Nurse practitioner, but I would like to say that if you have a dream or a goal in life, never back down. God has a plan for everyone. 


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